Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Mouse Tale

So... we have mice. It's an old farmhouse, and it was vacant for a year before we moved in, so we have mice. Like a lot. We do have an indoor/outdoor cat who has killed a few since we moved in, but I feel there are too many rodents for just one cat. And because we are not really cat people to begin with, purchasing another feline friend is not an option for us at this point in time. With the rodent population out of control, The Marine decided to set up a few mouse traps throughout the house. He then gave me specific instructions to periodically check the traps and dispose of any mice that I might find. Did you get that? He wanted me to dispose of the mice. I will also interject that he is very,very frugal, so he also instructed me not to throw the mouse trap away, but to take off the dead mouse, and clean the trap so we could reuse it. Wah wah what? It was at this point that I dropped the f bomb, and flat out said no. I would not be touching any traps, or mice. Period.  

Lo and behold, the next day when I went to get an item out of the closet (where a trap was set) there was... gasp....a dead mouse. And I, of course, did what any normal woman would do. I left the dead mouse for my husband to address when he got home from work. Here is where it gets interesting. Micah came home from work blah blah blah. I told him there was a surprise for him in the closet. He then picks up the trap, throws it in a bag, and throws it in the trash. There was no removing of any dead mouse, or cleaning of any trap. No, he threw the whole darn thing away.

Uhm, so I asked, 'Hey Micah, I thought we were going to reuse the traps?'

'Uh, yah, I changed my mind.' And with that, we decided that no mouse trap would ever be worth reusing. Ever.

But it doesn't end there. The next morning when I got up to get the kiddies ready for school, I found a dead mouse on the stairs.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I shat myself at that moment. Let's just say, that this was not what I wanted to wake up to. The moral of today's story is: If your husband ever suggests moving to the country. Just. Say. No.

The End.

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