Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthdays, sheds, and splitting of the pants.

It's been a busy week at the Haines house. We had our first gathering at our new house in honor of our daughter's fourth birthday, and I wanted to get all the sheds painted beforehand. I was able to finish the well shed, and the shed The Marine just built.

But I still have to tackle this bad boy.

I may have been a little more productive if a certain 'helper' was a little less 'helpful'.

We invited our neighbors to our little shindig this past weekend, and we had a blast! There will be more pictures to come, but first I must share this wonderful trick Crystal shared with me. We (Micah) grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and Crystal suggested that once he brought the cooked meats inside, I stuff them in their appropriate buns, and place them back in the bag. Really, that is ingenious. I have never heard of such a thing! I mean, that's not how we did things where I come from. This little trick makes it so much easier for guests, and cuts down on the traffic in the buffet line. Here is the genius herself in action with her sweet little girl.

I also split my pants. I did. There will be no picture of that, though a certain person (ahem, Denise) did try and snap a photo of this. It was a western theme, and I found these cute leggings that were made to look like jeans. Nevermind the fact that they were in the junior's section, and I am 28 and have had three kids. Let's just say it took a little finesse to get my booty into those leggings. I guess I shouldn't shop in the junior section.

But they were cute.

And I'm in denial that I'm not 18 anymore.

Can one have a mid life crisis at 28?

Anywho, it was a great weekend with great people, and I look forward to many more gatherings at our house. Next time though, I'll wear more age appropriate articles of clothing. Maybe.

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