Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We went for a walk in the woods...

...and found... cow bones! Slightly disturbing, but also kind of cool (I guess.) There are several farms around our house, and one backs up to the property, so finding a dead cow is completely normal?

Anywho, the kids were so excited, my daughter wanted to bring the bones inside and 'show' her Barbies. Uh, no, yuck, but thanks for asking.

I did, however, let my kids keep the cow remains by the shed, and I also looked up some fun facts about cows to share with my youngens.

1. Dairy cows produce 20 -35 gallons of salivia a day. Uhm, must have been related to my first boyfriend.

2. An average cow produces 30 pounds of urine, and 65 feces pounds PER day! That's crazy!

3. The male counterpart to a cow is called a bull, and her offspring is her calf. That's funny, because the male counterpart to a women is an ass. Weird.

4. Cows can produce about 200,000 glasses of milk in their lifetime. The Marine has already consumed well over 200,000 glasses of milk in his lifetime.

5. The actual word for a woman in England is a cow. No, I'm kidding, but they call each other cows quite often in English films. What's up with that?

6. I couldn't find any other interesting facts that I thought were worth sharing.

7. I wouldn't want to be a cow. Producing milk all day would be no fun. I know this. I had three kids. Nursing them was no fun. Pushing a bowling ball out of my hoo-ha three times was no fun either, but that's another story.

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