Sunday, January 2, 2011

Camp Pendleton... for chickens.

Our oldest child is feeling better (yay!) and so we were able to visit a nearby farm yesterday.

Our four year old thoroughly enjoyed running through sheep poop and scaring them out of their paddock. Oiy. The joys of children.

We also decided our coop needed a name because Micah and my Dad worked so hard on it, and it was such a labor of love. I don't think normal people name their coops, but, whatever. Who wants to be normal?

Anywho, back to the name, Micah and I met in San Diego when he was stationed out in Camp Pendleton, so we're going with Coop Pendleton. Catchy right?

He had some extra wood from his shed, so he cut me a piece and I made a sign.

Please excuse my lack of drawing skills. My Grandma (who is a talented artist) would be ashamed if she saw this sign, but I mean, it is going to be hung on a chicken coop. (That red blob is a rooster sihouette by the way.)

That's it for now all!



  1. Sarah, Our sheep are a hybrid breed call Cascade Farmstead sheep. You can read a lot about them at Greener Pastures,

    They are a mix of Icelandic and Soay. They seem to be basically smaller Icelandic sheep. I will answer any questions you have, or you can call Rhonda at Greener Pastures as she posts her telephone number. She is the person who developed the breed.

  2. Thanks so much! I'll check out her website now. Happy New Year! :)


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