Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Five Minute Bread.... And Other Things

No school again today! And I loved it! I sooooo look forward to weekends, and holidays, and teacher work days, and snow days where we can all be together without having to rush off here and there. (Okay, it might have a little to do with the whole sleeping-in-thing). But really our kids will grow up and spread their wings soon enough, so for now, right now, I am loving the times I get to spend with my children.

We all woke up anticipating going to school; everyone got dressed, lunches were packed, backpacks were checked, and then my girlfriend Heather called to inform me there would be no school, so YAY! Since we were all ready, we hopped in the truck, and went out for pancakes! (You may have noticed, but my diet consists mainly of carbs. Bad I know. I can't help it though.) We also were able to stop by a neighbor's house and visit (thanks Alice!) before heading home and making this:

Bread making has always been intimidating to me. I felt like I could never get everything just right. Either the bread wouldn't rise properly, or I didn't knead it enough, or the dough wasn't moist enough. But last night, I found the easiet recipe ever. It's only four ingredients and, in theory, it only takes 5 mintues a day! The idea is to have fresh bread everyday, so you make enough dough to last a week or two, and you break off a piece of dough as you need it (not knead it) and let it rise, then bake. Easy as pie. Ermm, easy as bread? It was so easy that I let my older two kids do all the mixing. I just made a small loaf today to make sure I actually liked it, and believe you me, it was yummy.You can find the recipe here.

While our bread was rising, the sun peeked out enough so that we were able to bundle up and head outside to spend some time with the animals. The goats are still really timid, but I feel like progress is being made. However small it may be.

And the chickens are... well, they're chickens. Nobody has become dinner.... yet. I was able to add a star to the front of their coop to match the other shed before we all got too cold.

Snow may be in our future again this week, so we might have another fun family day at home. And on the snow-day-agenda: homemade fiber bars. Gotta keep Micah regular. No seriously, he needs to be regular.

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