Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's a sad, sad week for me. My winter break is over, and I must begin using my brain again. Not. Good.  I'm finding studying has become more and more difficult the older I get. I'm in my final semester of graduate school. The end is in sight, it's only 16 weeks away, and yet I have no motivation. And I mean none. The thought of completing homework at this point is repulsive to me. Sad, but true.

16 more weeks. 16 more weeks.

I have also been given homework of a different kind. I'm attending a farming workshop in February, and before the workshop I have been given the task of going through this:

It's a large black trash bag full of Icelandic Sheep's wool. My job is to go through and pick out any debris and then wash and dry the wool. I'm looking forward to this homework, the graduate work, eh.... not so much.

I also have  to do some homework on breeding rabbits. I'm pretty sure I have a pregnant doe who will kindle in the next week or two. From what I understand rabbits need little to no help during labor, but I'd like to be educated in this subject nonetheless.

Okay, I'm done with my pity party. I'll go write my paper now. Thanks for listening.

Well, I might check Facebook first. And then, and maybe the weather, then I'll write my paper. Yes, then I'll write it.

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