Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Poem for Sergeant

This is Sergeant.

He is our rooster.

And I like him.

Other than the first day we brought him home, he has been good to the hens, and he doesn't crow at all times of the night, nor has he shown any aggression towards myself or my children. So, again, I like my rooster. (As much as one can like a chicken). I like him so much, I have painted his portrait and hung it in my rooster-themed kitchen.

I have also, because the kids are asleep and I'm finding things to do other than clean, written a poem for him.

To you Sergeant. Here goes.

Sergeant, I like you.
You seem real sweet.
But piss me off,
And you'll be something to eat.

So don't change a thing,
Keep crowing in your coop.
But only after 8am
Or you sir, will be chicken soup.

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