Monday, January 17, 2011

Pregnancy On The Farm!!!

No, it's not me. Don't worry. Micah has been neutered.

You know, he may not have wanted me to write that on a public forum... oh well.

No, we were told when we purchased our goats that the mommy (the larger black one) was exposed to a buck and  is most likely pregnant and due to kid the end of March. And because she has already had one successful kidding, she is most likely carrying twins this time!!! This is all very exciting for us.

If only we knew what we were doing. *Sigh*

Anyway, Micah has been working on their sleeping quarters all day, making adjustments, adding an access door to the fenced in pasture, and trying to get electricity to the goat barn and chicken coop so they can enjoy the warmth of a heat lamp on these FREEZING nights. And I must say, I'm pretty impressed, he whipped together this gate for me so I can easily enter and muck their stall and change their water, and feed them. So cool Micah!

Don't worry, we don't use the dart board anymore.

Along with providing shelter, we have also thought long and hard (about 36 hours) about what to call these little critters. My maternal grandmother is Irish, and so we are calling the black doe Fiona in honor of her. Fiona's kid was named Pretty when we bought her, and I like that, but my mother in law requested that we name an anmial after her (as long as it wasn't a pig!) so we are calling her Pretty Lainey , but Lainey for short. Not bad, eh?

Fiona has a collar on her in the above picture because we had to tether her out of the fenced pasture so Micah could work on the goat door (we didn't want the construction noise scaring our new animals).

I have also been bringing Satin, my white doe, into Hazelnut's hutch, my gray buck, for breeding purposes for the last two weeks. The gestation period is very short in rabbits only about 31 days, so Micah needs to get working on my nesting box pronto, as we may have a litter very soon!

And this whole farm thing.... well next to having our three kids, it's the coolest thing Micah and I have ever done. Ever. We are loving it, and our children are happier than a tornado in a trailer park (yes, I stole that from the Disney movie Cars).  :)


  1. Congratulations! We've got one due March 12th and another due April 2nd. We've never helped a goat give birth, so this will be interesting. Fortunately our first one is the mom of our other one so this won't be her first time. It will be a first for our one due in April though.

  2. Congrats to you too! I would imagine that you have a MUCH idea of what you're doing than we do though. ;) Good luck!

  3. Oh I don't know about that! We've never birthed a large mammal. Only rabbits and we don't have to do anything there.


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