Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today was an amazing day weather wise. I didn't even wear a jacket when I went out to feed the animals. It's a sign that spring is near, and that our electric bill will go down, and that I better get a tan on these pasty white legs (you know, so I don't scare the neighbors!) Not only was the weather wonderful, but it was Sunday. We try and make Sundays as relaxing of a day as possible, and we try and spend it as a family. We go to church, come home, relax, and I do as little cleaning as possible, and NO laundry, and we always, always have eggs for dinner. My huth-band and his family had eggs for dinner on Sunday night when he was growing up, and we are continuing with that tradition. Tonight we had eggs and sausage and gravy, and it was AMAZING. (Thanks Alice and Ben for the sausage!) We also had some visitors today who brought us an ice cream cake. CC and Axel know that junk food makes me happy, and I know that junk food means I need to bust out the eliptical machine. Enter sad face here. :( Oh well, all in the name of beauty (no, not true, all in the name of fitting into my spring/summer clothes).

Today was an enjoyable relaxing day, spent with good friends, and hanging out with the animals. I sure do love me some Sundays!


  1. Love this! And you're new blog layout is so purdy, keep up the good work homie:)

  2. Thanks home slice! When are you going to bring the kids down to see us? :)

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