Thursday, February 17, 2011

70 degrees in February?

It was nearly 70 degrees outside today, and it was wonderful! After my daughter's preschool this morning, I took her and my youngest to visit a local goat farm. She had half a dozen babies, and we couldn't resist stopping by. We wound up coming home with a two week old LaMancha/Nigerian Dwarf buckling. I was hesitant to bring home a boy because of their known odor, but we'd really like to get our other doe bred and pumping out milk. He's obviously too young to breed now, but he should be ready by the time Lainey (the white one) is ready. Well... that's the plan anyway.There are just so many things I want to do and make with goat milk, so the sooner the better.

He sure is a sweetie. He rode home on my daughter's lap after escaping out of his crate mid-drive in the back of my truck! That was scary. And because he's so young, we have to bottle feed him for awhile.

I keep telling Micah to hold the bottle closer to his chest to really experience nursing, but I think he flipped me the bird or something. Well what? I thought it was a good idea.

 My daughter has named the buckling Flynn Ryder from the movie Tangled. It's pretty cute.

And as soon as I picked up the other kids from school, we threw the backpacks inside and headed out to enjoy the warm weather.

Brooks was enjoying the weather too, it makes chicken duty more enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed this weather as much as we did!

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