Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Good Weekend

Okay, sorry about the blog again. I've gone back to blogger. My brother has informed me that it's still 'propagating' and that's why the pictures aren't showing up or why the blog just doesn't look the way it use to. Hopefully it will correct itself in the next few hours...if not... I'm in trouble.

Anywho, we had a fun weekend. Micah finished the raised garden beds. We're starting small this year, but we can always add on more beds in the future (notice I said we, but I actually had no part in building this).I didn't plant our seedlings as originally intended this weekend because it... SNOWED... so that will be my project this week.

And look he even built me a gate door for easy access. Ah schucks, how sweet. He fenced it in so *hopefully* little critters won't get in, but we'll see. We also moved Duke's dog house over right near the garden so he should keep away any bunnies and deer that might want to nibble on our veggies.

I also finished a horse painting I had been working on for my little monkey. Her linens were the inspiration, and I hung it over her bed. I think it turned out a-ok.

I'm done with my daughter's room, but now my oldest son has requested a cowboy painting, so off I go to work on that.... It's a good thing I love my children.

We also trimmed up the alpacas bangs and de-wormed all the animals. It went smoother than I thought, but my goodness those piggies can scream!

Thanks to my mom and step-dad for coming down and paying us a visit this weekend. And thanks to my homies who had us up for a bonfire, they sure can throw a par-tay.:) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.


  1. Raised beds look great. You should have zero problems with weeds...lucky gal. Glad Steven could help out with the compost. Have fun!
    Cute horse painting, Eleanor would love it:)

  2. Oh thanks to Steven! I had no idea that's who hooked him up, so thanks.:) I'll make a picture for Ms. Eleanor. :)

  3. Organic fertilizing should be no problem, considering all the sources you have available.

  4. Raised beds are the best. We've had ours for years and planning more. Best of luck with your gardening!


  5. I need my hubby to put in some of those beds... they look great!
    Now i'm running outside to worm my handsome stud!

    Thanks for reminding me

  6. I love the horse painting! Of course I was once a horse crazy little girl to...

    I enjoy my raised beds. This year we are expanding and I will have a combination of raised and "in ground" beds.

    Love your fence. I might have to show my husband your gate. It looks like a pallet re-purposed maybe?

  7. I love the horse painting also. Raised beds are the only way to go. Love your little alpaca. B

  8. Love your horse painting. We are building raised beds this year too. I’ve talked farmer into painting them periwinkle--I think they will be pretty :) I hope so. Great gate!

  9. Love the horse painting ...and the alpacas are just too cute! We would love to have some in the future.

    happy day!


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