Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Note to Self...

Note to self: Don't leave any yarn projects out for a certain cat to get a hold of. This is what my yarn looks like now after it having been out overnight in  my yarn basket.

I was working on my son's beanie, and it actually is still on the loom, but I'm not sure I can undo the damage Hattie has done. It's just a big fat tangled mess. Bum. Mer.

In other riveting news, Micah planted several apple trees this week. We already have a pear tree, a fig tree, and a walnut tree on our property. The latter trees need to be pruned, but with a little TLC, we should see fruit! Woot woot.

I had to pick up one last can of paint today for the barn. I had painted all the way down to the grass in the fall before we brought the goats home, but you can see how far down they have eaten.

I think I need to tether theses girls in the front yard where we have nice big pile of weeds in what use to be a flower garden. It's so overgrown now, I think it's best just to start completely over.

And a sure sign spring is near! All the hens are laying now. I went in to collect eggs today after I picked up my son from school, and look what I found. Guess it's eggs for dinner (again).

We're working on a new animal pen this week too. We're bringing home our last breed of animal in the next couple of weeks. Can you guess what we're adding to the farm?


  1. Oh what a naughty kitty and what beautiful eggs! Are you getting sheep?

  2. No sheep for us. My husband has no interest in them. :( I don't know why though, they're so similar to goats. Oh well.

  3. Those cats can be so mischievous. So exciting to have fruit trees. I want to plant some here too. Great eggs :)
    Hmm--mini donkeys??

  4. I would love mini donkeys, but again the boss man says no. But we are bringing home some piggies! :) Wish us luck!


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