Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recycled Candles and...... Pigs!

I found this great idea from this amazing site. If you're like me, and the author of this site, you love candles and gazillions of almost-gone jars around your home, or candles that have scents you're just not crazy about. She suggests scraping out all the wax and melting it down again and making 'new' candles.This was our project yesterday. My household is still recovering from all kinds of nasty germs, so we had another chill day at home, but I wanted to do something fun with my daughter while my toddler slept and my oldest was at school.

I didn't end up using the candle in the back right because I decided it was entirely too much work to scrape it out.

I would follow the blog mentioned above for better directions, but it's pretty easy. Simply scrape them all out in a pot you don't ever want to cook with again, and I used a candy thermometer to make sure the temperature was right before pouring into my cleaned jars (I also had enough wax for a mason jar that I did not photograph).

I added vanilla candle scent to mine, but I probably didn't need to. There was still lots of scent left in these candles. My kitchen smelled like all kinds of goodness! Micah and I use to collect shot glasses from everywhere we traveled (you know, before we had kids), which is ironic since neither of us drink, but whateva. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to make a candle out of a shot glass.

I did not dye mine (and forgot to photograph the pouring part) because I actually liked the color the wax turned into after combining all the colors, but if you decide to dye yours or add scent to it, just make you use items specifically for candles. Hope you have as much as we did!

We also just purchased two piggies for the farm. We pick them up on Sunday and they are American Guinea Hogs. And thanks to our friends Kelly and Mark for giving us some great suggestions for names. The breeder wanted to know what to write on their registration and we are going with Hamlet and Petunia. So cute! Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. Great idea with the candles. Another blog buddy of mine just did that too. I want to see pictures of the piggies--love the names!

  2. One of them most definitely has to be Petunia! Love it!

  3. Wow, that is a good idea! Thanks for the sweet comment :)



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