Friday, April 1, 2011

And More Projects...

My mom picked up some real stretched canvases for me today (so exciting!). I rarely use them because they're more expensive than the canvas boards I use. Canvas boards are basically cardboard wrapped in a thin layer of 'canvas'. They're fine for painting, but the stretched canvases are a bit more fun because you can utilize the texture of the canvas in your painting.

As you can see, I have lots of work...sadly not much time. That's okay, I'll paint when I can. So much for the hiatus right?

My mom picked up the birdhouse for me to paint as well. Which I'm uberly (is that a word?) excited to paint. Keep checking the blog for pictures of that!

My grandma (who is the real artist in the family) started this rooster painting. Sadly she has lost some of her vision, so I'll finish the painting for her.

My grandma painted these sunflowers for me. So pretty right?

I attempted to create the look can see I'm still in training. :)

Thanks to mom for supplying me with the canvas and thanks to my grandmother for instilling a love of art in me. Love these women. Happy Friday to you!


  1. I love the paintings--so wonderful that you will finish the chicken painting for her--what a special piece that will be. The sunflowers are just gorgeous :)

  2. I love this FARM ART! I'm inspired to try my hand a few things too! Thanks for this wonderful post!

  3. Thank you both for the kind words.:) I enjoy following both of your blogs myself!

  4. I love the sunflowers. They're definitely one of my favorites for decor.

  5. You've done a wonderful job with your sunflower! I can hardly wait to see what else you do with those beautiful blank canvases.


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