Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baseball and Ceiling Medallions

It was a great Spring day today and Micah was outside with the kids working on their baseball skills (I was working on my tan). We let the chickens out today for the first time ever. We had been hesitant to let them free range before because of all the dogs that run loose in our neighborhood, but since we planned on hanging out at the house today, we thought it'd be okay.

Needless to say the chickens loved the change of scenery, and even wanted to get in on the baseball action too.

I also talked Micah into letting me paint a 'ceiling medallion' above the light in our dining room.

Of course I painted a star, because you all know how I feel about stars (they pretty much are taking over the house!) I saw the idea in a country decor magazine. Theirs was much more elaborate, but for the purpose of our little farmhouse, I'm really happy with the navy blue star I painted. Hope you had a great weekend too.

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