Monday, April 18, 2011

Bird Nest

My oldest son discovered a bird nest in a bush right outside of our front door. I have no idea what type of bird it is, but I sure hope our two outdoor cats don't find the baby birds once they hatch. They seem to be getting their fill on mice and snakes, so maybe they'll leave the birds alone??? Fingers crossed anyway.

And because Easter is right around the corner and I am in a very Spring-like mood, we made edible birds nests.

I melted chocolate in a double broiler and added coconut. I then dropped the chocolate mixture on wax paper, let it cool for a bit, then took my thumb and pressed the center of the 'nest' down.

I threw in a few pastel colored M&M 'eggs' and viola! I guess my family enjoyed them because I didn't get to try one and they're gone... That's okay, I'm pretty sure I made up for it with all the Easter candy I ate this weekend. We had Easter early with my mom and step-dad since we'll be spending Easter with Micah's family. Let's just say I'm cut off from my kids candy.

And look at my sweet kiddies. :)

Happy Spring to you.

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