Friday, April 8, 2011

F is for...

Field trip
Farm signs

We had a great day today! I was blessed to have a little group of kids come from a nearby school to visit the farm. I think they enjoyed themselves despite the chilly, rainy weather. They were so cute and so well behaved. And my daughter was in heaven because her bestie got to come (her mama's the teacher) and so she had a little play date. So the day was uber fun for her.

After everyone had left and we picked up my oldest son from school, the rain began to pour, so we hung out inside  and ....painted!

I even let my 19 month take a turn with a brush. It ended in a complete mess, but hey, you only live once right?

Got the saying from a country song

I whipped out a few more signs while the kids were busy with their 'canvases' (paper plates). I am lovin' painting signs. They're relatively quick and easy (quick and easy is always good with three small children) and I love going out and looking for scrap wood to paint. I always sand the front of the sign after painting it to create an aged look.

I need to drill holes through the first one so I can run a wire through it to hang, but the bottom sign I wanted more as a plaque so this is what I came up with.

And lastly I thought maybe a few of the hens were going to molt because we hadn't gotten many eggs the past few days, but this is what I found today. So maybe they aren't? Not sure. Oh well.

Tomorrow we attempt to fix the kids swing set for good.  Wish us luck!

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