Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hand Painted Canvas Tote

Okay, so my new favorite thing is painting things other than canvases. Painting canvas totes was actually my grandmother's idea so I have to give her the credit, but oh my lard how much fun. (Yes I meant to say lard).

It was a rainy day (again!) today, so while my little man slept, my daughter and I painted. I found these canvas totes at a craft store for next to nothing and they are great! They were being sold as reusable grocery bags, but at 14 inches they're large enough to hold lots of other stuff too.

I used acrylic paint and placed several plastic grocery bags on the inside of the bag so the paint didn't leak through to the other side.

This bag is spoken for, but I'm looking forward to painting one for myself and using it to hold all my school crap... I mean school items. Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. love your blog.. Officially following you from Idea sharing wednesday.. Hope you can stop by sometime.. TY

  2. This is an adorable project! I love painted anything...! Great work..Thanks for joining the hop today!

  3. Beautiful artwork on the bag. What a great rainy day project.


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