Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pig Pen (and More Fencing)

Micah finished up the pig pen. Hamlet and Petunia still have to stay in a stall in the barn because they're too little to be out all the time, but we carried them out today to get a little sunshine and fresh air.

They loved it, they sniffed around a bit and promptly fell asleep in the sun.

Micah and the kids check out his handiwork.

We also put up some more fencing for the goats and the chickens and alpacas to give them more pasture. (The girls supervised). Thanks so much to our neighbors for helping us and letting us borrow their tractor. Thanks guys!

The animals loved their new space.

I also had a little time to finish a painting, but I still need to frame it. Stay tuned for some exciting news about a shop that might be selling some of my work. We have to hash out a few details, but it sounds promising. Can't wait to share more about that. I hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend.

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