Sunday, May 15, 2011

Holy Helmet

We had a great weekend hanging out as a family- baseball game, birthday party, and lots of projects completed around the house.

The chicks are almost ready to move into the coop, only one more week of the heat lamp. Micah is happy about that, he can finally have his shed all to himself, well not completely to himself, see below.

I was able to snap a quick picture of the bunnies. They are almost two weeks old, and their eyes are finally open. They are up walking around, and oh my lard they are cute!

We've got a few grape tomato plants that are looking pretty good. We (Micah) still needs to build a cage for them, but so far so good.

And check this out. Micah apparently has a hole in his shed and a bird has flown in and decided that my son's motorcycle helmet would be a good place for her nest. I guess he won't be riding his bike for a while.

Enough computer time for me, I'm off to finish painting the kitchen cabinets. Stay tuned for before and after photos of that. :)

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