Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There's A Snake In My Boot

Okay, so while cooking dinner tonight I saw this long black thing sliding towards my kitchen window. My children were playing outside at this point and I hollered for them to run inside and then I stood there in awe as this thing slid past a sleeping him...


And her.

Hey guys, you're not here on this farm because of your good looks, you're suppose to do something! Like bark or hiss when a five foot snake slides past you. Sleeping is not an option!!!

I hate snakes.

Like a lot.

I threw about seventeen golf balls at the snake through my kitchen window and he wasn't at all deterred.

He was headed straight for the house. The back door to be exact. Where he is right now. { shudder} I threw a boot at him for good measure and he did hiss at me, but then kept on his path towards the house.

I called my huth-band, who was still at work, and he very kindly informed that I needed to shoot him. I can't, I told him. He then lectured me on how I should have paid better attention  when he gave me shooting lessons. Uhm, okay, thanks.


He then mentioned I should just try to load the shotgun and shoot him anyway.


I grew up in San Diego. On a golf course. I don't just try and load and shoot shotguns!!!

I can't guarantee that I wouldn't shoot myself in the foot or one of the three animals that sat and watched this all happen. I would also like to point out that I have killed a Copperhead before. Yes, it was November, and yes, it was cold, so yes he was sluggish. But I walked right up to him and chopped his head off with a shovel.  He was also a lot smaller though. A LOT smaller.

We talked about going camping for Memorial Day weekend, but guess what we're doing instead. Shooting Lessons 101.

Now excuse me while I go change my underwear.

Here's to farming.


  1. Aaahhhhh! I think it's funny that you had your camera out and shooting pics though!!! Lol!....and now I'm going to remind my husband that he was going to buy me a pistol and show me how to use it!

  2. Mothball should be put under the house and under the shed area. The snake is not going to hurt you but he may be nesting under the house so this would deter the snake from living there. Throw them as far as you can under there (not at the snake while moving) keeping them away from the children.

    If not detered they will make this area their annual home (ewwww).

    Only Sarah would get the camera when the gun doesn't work! Love you ~ Be careful ~ "Snake chaser"!

  3. Dr. Momi, that's what my husband and I will be doing this weekend too! Thanks for the tips Alice, moth balls are on the list!

  4. I am gonna go change my underware too-that was so scary,funny and brave. My husband once dragged me to live in KY. We had a house on a mad made reservoir and along comes a cotton mouth- now mind you my husband was a sharp shooter in the marines he pointed our gun at him at the end of the dock-totally missed him but blew the smithereens out of my nice float [ not that I was going in that water again. I am a mn, gal through and through no snakes allowed still lmao


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