Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Week of Flowers

Apparently my friends and family know that I love flowers (unfortunately, my thumb isn't exactly green). Because I was so blessed to recieve all sorts of them this week in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day. My sweet friend gave me a whole slew of herbs for my kitchen garden, thanks Jenn! You are too kind.

I picked up this fun pot for myself (in case Micah forgot it was Mother's Day). He didn't, don't worry.

My oldest son gave me a flower from his school and then helped me transfer it to a pot. Too cute.

My mom and step-dad gave me all kinds of fun flowers in these cute little pots. She also gave me a few herbs for my kitchen garden that I have right next to my dining room.

My sweet hubby went out and picked up breakfast for us this morning and brought me back an Orchid (sorry for the poor picture). He also informed me not to kill it 'cuz it wasn't cheap.'

Kay. Thanks. Will do Micah. I hope.

Micah and I spent the day doing yard work yesterday and I happened upon lots and lots of flowers in bloom while I was weeding. We have thornless Roses, purple and white Irises and a single Peony.  So pretty. I have really enjoyed working in the garden this year. Most of the veggies we planted are also doing really well, in fact, we were able to harvest some of the Romaine already. The strawberries look promising too, can't wait to pick these, I love me some fresh strawberries.

Hope you're feeling as blessed and as loved as I am. Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. I love orchids but usually manage to kill them pretty quickly. Last one I got I spritzed the plant every few days and only watered every 10 days or so... it actually lasted a while. Good luck!


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