Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Else Is New?

I've been painting like a crazy woman as of lately.

Okay, well I'm always crazy.

Anyway, most of the things I've been working on are gifts so I can't show pictures yet....  but here are few that I can show you... garden signs for my mom and I.

We also noticed today (while we were moving the chicks to the coop, yay!) that one of our Rhode Island Red hens was limping a bit and Micah mentioned that he thought she might have bumblefoot. Her foot was very swollen and after further inspection we found a small soar on the bottom of her foot.

This is sadly pretty common in chickens. They walk around on their feet so much then get cuts then those cuts get infected.

It was gross (which is why Micah did it) but we had to cut into her foot and drain all the puss out. I held onto Beatrice while he did this.

Uhm, yuck.

We sterilized a knife and had gauze and tape on hand and, surprisingly, she didn't squirm much. We'll probably need to check it again tomorrow and rub some ointment on it. Just another joy of farming!

Micah also trimmed the goat's hooves which they weren't too happy about, but again, something else we had to do.

And the three bunnies are doing very well, they're growing like weeds. One of them is a true albino with red eyes and all. This is pretty common in German Angoras, but I was surprised since their mother and father are both black (with gray tips). I am anxious to see what colors our Satin white angora produces when she's set to kindle in a few weeks. Well that's all for now, hope ya'll had a great weekend!

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