Thursday, June 16, 2011

And Then There Were Four...

....Goats that is. Not children. No, no, no more children for us.

We found a doe in milk (a female who is producing milk because she has just given birth for all you non-goat-term-speakers such as myself) and of course we emailed the breeder and told her we were very interested. Very interested.

She's a Miniature Alpine, which means she was bred by a standard Alpine and a Nigerian Dwarf to receive her mini Alpine status. We have Nigerian Dwarf does right now and a Pygmy buck and we have been really happy with these breeds, but I am looking forward to adding the new doe to our herd. Let's just hope the other goats share our excitement. Well, I know Flynn Rider, our buck, will be super duper excited to see another female. Like super excited..

Not the actual goat, just an example.

We are taking a family vacay this weekend so we'll pick her up Monday when we get back, and the breeder is kind enough to hold her for us. Yay!

So I guess we should look into how to actually milk a goat this weekend? It can't be that difficult right? Or can it? All I know is the prospect of making my own feta cheese is too much for me to handle. I love me some feta. And I have the booty to prove it.

Either way wish us luck. Have a wonderful weekend. :)


  1. It's a good thing she's in milk because they you can see how well she produces and her disposition during milking. You don't want a milker like this one:

  2. Oh my gosh, I just read her post and that was HILARIOUS! Dear lord, please don't let that happen to me, I will not have as much patience as Heidi. Thanks for link, and I know I've told you before, but I adore your blog. :)

  3. Good luck! I just love the mini breeds. Great for you that you don't have to go through the whole breeding and birthing thing. Just jump right in there.

  4. Oh you'll love the Mini First Freshener 3rd generation mini alpine is milking a consistent 6lbs per day (8lbs is about a gallon) & it's very, very rich & creamy. I'm really looking forward to her future freshenings....Hopefully next round we'll be closer to that gallon mark! Just make sure you feed that milker loads of alfalfa (we feed unlimited Standlee Brand Alfalfa pellets, no contrary to myth, it won't make them bloat...Dairy girls NEED all that calcium in the alfalfa) as that is what fuels her milk production.....not grain. Grass hay/browse for a healthy rumen, grain to maintain body condition, alfalfa for milk :)

    Pics of my mini alpine, Tootsie are here:

    Watch out though.....those goats are addicting....started out with Miniature Alpines (one is mine, then a doe & buck that are my moms)...Added 1 standard Alpine.....Now have 2 standard does, 1 buck & an Oberhasli x Alpine doe.....THEN I added the sweetest cutest Lamancha buck & reserved 2 lamancha does for Spring!

    My new Lamancha buck is here:

    Yes, I confess....My name is Crystal & I'm a Goat Addict!

    Anywho.... I've been neglecting house work & reading your blog most of the afternoon.....Great stuff...your family sounds so much like mine, all the way down to the "classy" parts!! haha

    Can't wait to see pictures of your newest goat!

  5. I love milking my goats. It's so nice to have fresh dairy to do so many things with.

  6. Really? What is with all the minis? I personally prefer large breeds. Saanens, of course, are the perfect goats!

  7. Millie, I LOVE Saanens sweet!

    I like my tall Alpines & Lamanchas.....but my mini is a sweetie, eats very little, but produces 6lbs of milk per day minimum & my 6 year old daughter puts get up on the stand and milks her by herself.

    Mini's are a great middle of the road breed.....higher feed conversion than the standard breeds without being as tiny as a Nigerian & they fit perfectly in small areas. I'm actually quite impressed with their production on the small amount of feed.

    My breeding focus is Alpines & Lamanchas (my mother breeds mini's) but we enjoy the one mini gal thrown in the mix :-)

  8. Good luck with your goats and have a wonderful vacation! thanks for linking up... I love your hand painted chickens' by the way!


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