Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In The Garden

I took the kiddies to a movie this morning, then we hit up the park after lunch, then I was able to talk them into helping me work in the garden. We planted some parsley around our tomatoes, it's suppose to keep worms away, or rather the parsley serves as a host plant. Has anyone ever tried this, does it actually work?

The cucumbers are looking good, I see lots of pickles in our future... Yummy!

We noticed some wild berries growing in the front flower bed while weeding. I'm assuming we can't eat these? Does anyone know? I vaguely remember learning about 'red your dead' berries in sixth grade camp. Hmmm.

I made yet another garden sign. I'm slightly addicted. My hubby accidentally broke it while hammering it into the ground, but it's all good. And you can also see in the foreground my Texas Tarragon that has been eaten by a certain goat, who shall go un-named, but is the provider of our goat's milk. Bad goat. Baaaad goat.

And in speaking of herbs, how great is this idea for an herb garden, wish I had done this. Oh well.

I was also able to make another batch of goat's milk soap tonight! I can't wait to cut up this batch and see how it turns out. I dyed it naturally and it smells delish! Alrighty ya'll my hubby isn't home yet, so I better take advantage of the remote while I can. :)


  1. I can't see 100% but I am pretty sure those are wild blackberries and yes you can eat them. I had a post about them the other day.

    We make jam out of them. They just need strained because they do have seeds. is another good page.

  2. Blackberries or raspberries~pretty sure they are great. My wild raspberries are just getting ripe as well. I love your garden sign.

  3. Thank you for the input! Yes, they are blackberries and we had some and they were wonderful! :)


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