Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Too Funny Tuesday

What is this a picture of you ask?

Oh, this would be a dead mouse in a Walmart grocery bag. Yah, remember the other day when my friend and I beheaded a black snake? Well, apparently we offset the balance of nature, because the VERY next night, we heard the pitter patter of a little mouse running in our walls. Yes, IN our wall.

Micah set several mouse traps in the attic and finally on day three we caught him. Ughhh. Uhm yuck.

Okay, okay, I get it, I learned my lesson, leave black snakes alone. They eat mice and other icky things we don't want around the house. So the next time I see a black snake, I'll send him on his way and run for the house and cry for my mommy.

Because we all know how I feel about mice.

Happy Tuesday to you.

The end.


  1. No fun! The things we deal with to have animals =)

  2. Very funny! Glad you at least got rid of the mouse.


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