Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

We went down to the next town to a little gathering and heard a local band and played some frisbee this weekend.  It was fun, and they had bounce houses for the kids, and we saw another black snake. I think I have filled my quota for snake sightings for the month, so that's ENOUGH WITH THE SNAKES!

Micah was showing off his juggling-frisbee skills. It was very entertaining. Very.

We had three baseball games this weekend. Only two more to go before the season is over. I'll miss watching my babies play, but I think we could all use a break.

I found a ton of beads on sale last week and so I whipped up a couple of necklaces during nap time. Can't wait to find the right occasion to wear them. Perhaps shoveling out the coop?

It was time for another round of dewormer, so Micah rigged up this ingenious way to hold the alpacas steady while he gave them their shots and trimmed their hooves. Next up: shearing. It should be fun! Not.

I'm thinking I need to stop doing farm work in flip flops too. I could have had an incident with the alpacas today like my sister in law had with her horse.

Who needs a garbage disposal when you have little piggies?

The bunnies are six weeks now, almost old enough to find new homes (unless I can talk my huth-band into letting me keep a few. Or all.)

And my sweet little babies. :)

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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  1. Enjoyed your blog.....And I want an Alpaca!! Hubby says no since I already have the goats with 2 Lamancha does coming soon....but they are so cute!!

    Your family is beautiful & you have yourself a new blog follower :)


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