Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Roosters!

If you have been following this ri-donk-u-lous blog, you know how I feel about poultry. Roosters in particular. I painted another rooster a few weeks ago, but this was not for me. I know, there are others who feel the same way about roosters as I do!

My sweet friend Julie asked me to paint this for her. Sadly she has moved further away from us, BUT we have been meeting half way with a group of ladies at the lake once a week, so I still get to see her. :)

And in speaking of chickens, Micah and I did it. We ordered our first round of broiler hens. They are a hybrid breed which means they get really big, really fast, so we have to harvest them at 8 weeks (Please note when I say we, I really mean Micah. Just so we're clear). They can't go much longer than that because they'll get too big and die of heart failure, SO we're going to do it. We purchased the laying hens last year with the intention of eventually harvesting them, but they're so cute, and they have grown on us... and well.. you know.

But we're going to do it. If self sufficiency is the goal, then eat our pets we must.

That came out wrong.

But you get the point.


  1. Love Roosters.. been designing and paint for
    several years now.. That's what Farm life is all
    about having animals (critters) which we call them, some are pets and some are for self-sufficiency eating,That's Farm Life....
    did not come out wrong it's the Facts :-)
    Ps... Great Painting of the Roosters.
    Have enjoyable day...

  2. Now I get why you said you need to paint us a sign!! Maybe you can help me come up with a logo. Our motto is "Producing food that is good for you and good for creation."



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