Monday, August 15, 2011

The Good And The Bad (News)

Well.... the bad news is that while I was on vacation with my sweet little babies, my dear huth-band wasn't able to milk the goat on  a regular basis (you know, due to the whole full time job/ full time student thing) and sadly when the kids and I returned home Aisling was all dried up. I tried to no avail to bring her back into milk.

I'm bummed.

I'm not going to lie, I was having oodles of fun making goat milk soap, and I had just picked up the enzyme needed to make feta cheese with the goat milk. But it's all good. Micah did his best, so I'm not complaining.

The good news is, however, that Mr. Flynn Rider (yes, we named him after the character in Tangled) is getting frisky with the girls. We normally keep him in the fence with the alpacas and tether the girls in the pasture, but the fact that he has been VERY very interested in the does clearly means he has come into rut (the male equivalent of a female coming into heat). The girls are not in heat yet since they pretty much want nothing to do with his advances BUT it is August and that is typically when the dairy breeds begin to come into heat. So we're looking for the signs from the females to let us know they're ready. I'm anticipating some awesome baby goat making magic!

That came out wrong. But you know what I mean.

Because you can't have goat milk unless you have a doe who has just freshened, so..... now we wait. And then once the buck and doe have... ehm.... relations, we wait some more. Roughly 150 days for a kid, and a few more weeks after that until I can get my hands on some goat milk!!!!

In the meantime, I've got salsa to make. My neighbor brought over more tomatoes from his garden. Happy Monday to you!


  1. I have a freezer full of frozen goats milk - I need to get going and order some supplies to make cheese myself. Who did you order from?

    How are the guineas coming along?

    Chai Chai

  2. I got my cheese supplies from the New England Cheese Supply Company. I think it's

    The guinea was sitting on unfertilzed eggs. We figured out we have two hens! Oops!

  3. Aww man, that sucks....sorry your girl dried up :( My mini is almost on her 10th month of milking....We bred her August 1st, so if it took, I'll milk up until her last 2 months of pregnancy, then dry her up.

    Wish you were closer, I'd send milk your way in exchange for felted soap :)

    Thankfully goats reproduce faster than cows though, so you won't have to wait long for milk again :)

    P.S- Love the bucks name!! Tangled is a favorite here too so I wouldn't be surprised if we get some Tangled named goats this kidding season!


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