Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricanes, Festivals, and More Birds

Well.... it wasn't enough that we had an earthquake a few days ago. No, no, now we are experiencing a hurricane. Thankfully, it hasn't hit us too hard, and Micah's parents, who live on the beaches of North Carolina, have evacuated and are safe and sound in a hotel further up the coast. Whew.

It rained all day yesterday, and I mean all day, but a town nearby was having an Outdoor Festival, and well... we just had to go. Being the outdoor-sy family that we are, it was actually really fun. Unfortunately, a lot of the vendors didn't show because of the hurricane (and I don't blame them) but the kids were able to fish, my daughter got her face painted, they served delicious BBQ (and I mean DELISH), we heard a really great band and they just happened to go to the school I am attending for my graduate work, and the kiddies picked up all kinds of fun goodies from a turkey conservation group. I signed my son up to become a member and he thinks that's the coolest thing ever. :)

In speaking of turkeys, my huth-band and I are picking up turkeys this week to raise for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm kind of excited about it too to be honest with you. It might end up costing us more than buying a frozen bird from the store, but there is such satisfaction in knowing that you humanely and ethically raised food to feed your family. I still buy quite a bit from the grocery store each week (more than I would like) but with the chicken processing date getting closer and closer, and our pigs should be ready to slaughter and/or breed soon, we are becoming more and more self sufficient. And it feels good.

Really good.

There is also talk of possibly raising meat rabbits. I don't know if I'm completely sold on the idea just yet, but it might be worth while to look into it. From what I understand, rabbit tastes just like chicken and they are infinitely easier to harvest.

We'll  move their pen soon as they have rooted this pen up.

Anywho, the rain ceased today so my huth-band and his friend (thanks Mark!) built the pigs a new shelter. We had a dog house in their pen, but not surprisingly, they outgrew it. So the boys got to work and came up with this.

The men were pretty certain it was a Copperhead...

... so Micah shot his head off.

Then Mark made sure it was dead by chopping his head off.

And also came across this. I sure am glad I wasn't outside for that! I was inside making apple pie and apple butter with the earthquake apples we picked last week. Recipes to come soon.

And on that note, happy Sunday to you!

~ Sarah ~

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  1. Interesting post.. glad you and family are safe
    Copperhead Snake will smell like Cucumbers
    had RN nurse tell me that she worked at the
    trauma center at the local hospital.. they come
    in two's so be careful.....I hate all SNAKES...
    Warm Blessings


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