Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shaky Shaky Earthquaky

Holy heck ya'll! There was an earthquake in Virginia! Now, now, don't be cruel, there is talk that the good ole folks here in Virginia overreacted yesterday. I know to us Californian's, earthquakes are incredibly normal, and it's nothing to get all worked up about, but earthquakes are much more rare out here and so therefore, no one really knew what to do! I have very distinct memories as a child of having almost weekly earthquake drills. I remember, get under your desk, hold on to the desk with one hand, and the back of your neck with the other, or if you're at home, get in a doorway and hold on. Well yesterday when I was at home with my three kids... I did none of this.

I hauled my booty up the stairs, grabbed my sleeping toddler from his nap, yelled at my older two kids to follow me, and I ran my fat butt out the front door as fast as I possibly could. We took off to the open field and we didn't look back. I've been told you're not suppose to run outside. But really? I took my chances out here. What's going to fall on us?

It seemed like the earth shook forever, but I'm sure it was only a few seconds. It was a 5.9, and boy did we feel it!  I can't tell you how many memories I have as a kid being in earthquakes. And trust me, you never get use to it. There was this one, that was a biggun, and this one, I was with my mom in a grocery store and the glass windows of the store started shaking and crumbling. We high tailed it out of there pronto!

Yesterday's earthquake was not expected to say the least, but we are fortunate enough to report that there was no damage to out little farm, and school here in the county will open as planned tomorrow. Other counties north of us cannot say the same. I have lots of friends that live up there, so they will be in my thoughts and prayers as we get through the next few weeks and they decide when and if schools will reopen.

The kids and I had planned on going up to a nearby orchard today anyway, as a last oorah before school starts. When I checked Facebook this morning I saw that the orchard owner had posted that you could bring your own bucket and fill it with apples that had fallen off the trees in yesterdays quake for $2.50 a bucket.

Well gosh darn! I went and grabbed two buckets from the barn (lining them with trash bags of course because it's highly likely that these buckets have been used to clean up chicken crap before). And the kiddies and I went up and grabbed as many fallen apples as we could! It was great. I see lots of applesauce and apple chips in my future. And my stepdad has requested an apple pie so I might have to oblige him.

In speaking of pies...

....look what my sweet friend Jenny brought me. It's a sweet potato pie! I've made sweet potato casserole before, but I've never had pie. Her and her mama made them from potatoes pulled from her grandparents garden. Thanks ladies!

Would pie be an acceptable dinner for the kids? Erm.... nevermind. Hopefully there's some left when my hubby gets back from work.


Do you have any favorite pies that you make? Anyway, hope ya'll are having a great Wednesday. :)


  1. Hey! I thought it was funny that you forgot what to do! I was telling the kids maybe we should get into the bath-tub...silly me~ that's a tornado!

    I have 3 bushels of apples to peel tomorrow. I am making applesauce and applebutter. If you come help me peel mine I'll help you peel yours!


  2. We felt it here in New England along the south coast too! I'm from Nevada originally and was used to Earthquakes there and we could almost always feel those rumblings from California too...
    You lucked out in the apple department! YUM! My favorite pie to make is strawberry, blueberry, rhubarb pie... I've got the recipe on my blog!
    Have a great time peelin'those apples!

  3. Well... did you like the pie!?!?! :) Theres more where that came from if you did!

  4. Thanks Deborah Jean, I love blueberry pie too! Jenny, we loved the pie, thank you so much. Will work for more. :)

  5. I've never been to that orchard - do they have good prices (aside from the incredible deal you got :) ) It would be so much closer for me than the others I go to....


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