Friday, September 30, 2011

Apple Cider Vinegar

Ah, apple cider vinegar. Next to baking soda, it's maybe my favorite thing to have for everyday household uses. I use it diluted with water as general all purpose cleaner in my kitchen. I use it as a rinse in my hair after washing it with a baking soda/water mix. I use it for cooking. I use it (paired with baking soda) to remove carpet stains/ odors.

But recently I (okay, maybe it was Micah) discovered uses outside of the house. A few months back we noticed a few worms in one of the chickens poop (sorry, I know, it's gross). Now we worm all the other animals, but we don't worm the chickens. We weren't entirely sure how to treat it. There were some store bought products that were recommended for their water, but we weren't crazy about the idea of throwing chemicals in our chickens water source. I think Micah googled natural worm removal, or something to that effect, and apple cider vinegar came up.  Well duh, I should have thought of that!

Anywho, we put about a tablespoon or so in everyone's water and sure enough in a few days all traces of worms were gone. We didn't lose any animals, no one was sick, in fact, I was so happy with the result, I now use it in their water weekly just to take a preventative step against worms.

I'm no expert, I can't say that stronger solutions may sometimes be requirds, but for us, the apple cider vinegar works great. We do still keep the goat herd, pigs, dogs, and cats up to date on their shots though.

I also started putting vinegar in the rabbits water bottles too as I noticed a bit if algae forming (there is direct sun at certain times of the day on their water). And of course, in a few days, all traces of algae were gone. I thoroughly clean their bottles on a regular basis and algae was still forming; however, since using a bit of vinegar in their water, I haven't had a problem with it.

I'm continually amazed by the many uses of vinegar. What do use it for?

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  1. Wow - I am so glad I checked out your blog today. Great tips! I had heard of that before, about giving it to chickens, but totally forgot. It can't hurt. Never thought to try it for algae either, but I am sure it works well. Thanks.


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