Friday, September 16, 2011

My Kind Of Day

It's Friday. Which that in itself always makes for an awesome day, but let me tell you why this Friday was super duper awesome.

Yes, I just said super duper.

It started out with my huth-band going in late for work, so we got to see him for breakfast, yay! Then I met my dear friend Cecilia for coffee. Our boys go to school together and she was one of the first friends I made after moving here. I love you girl! Then, I know can you believe there's more, I had a playdate with two other sweet friends. Our kids are all about the same age and it was nice to get out of the house and talk to other adults. Thanks Jenny and Lauren!

I was also able to make goat milk soap during my little man's nap time. I've been hording my milk and freezing it because I plan on making this in the next few days and making a few more batches of soap. The milk I use for soap I always pour (sloppily) into ice cube trays. That way it's frozen when I mix it with the lye and it doesn't get that funky burnt milk color (orange).

The kiddies and I welcomed the cooler weather today and got in the fall spirit by making pumpkin muffins. I used this recipe. They turned out great, but it occurred to me after making these, that I don't really like pumpkin anything.

And neither do my kids.


Every year I try my mom's famous pumpkin pie and every year I don't like the taste of pumpkin. Why I thought it would be appealing to me in muffin form, I have no idea.

I hope the huth-band wants a pumpkin muffin for breakfast for the next week. If not..... too bad.

(I'm almost done with my awesome day, don't worry) I waited a tad too long to milk the goat tonight and it was dark, but have no fear, *singing* dun dun dun dun, I borrowed Micah's head light.

I know, you want one too.

Hattie doesn't want one, she came to tell me I looked ridiculous.

What does she know anyway.

The head light proved very useful though. Not so fashionable, but hey, farming usually isn't.

It was just such a great, relaxing day getting to see friends and make soap and bake and spend time with my kids and husband. I don't know how I got so lucky, but gosh darn I'm enjoying this little life of mine

Hope you have a great weekend!

~ Sarah ~


  1. Let me know how the cajeta turns out. It sounds very interesting!


  2. Oh you will LOVE Cajeta!! I'm down to one milking girl now, but she's giving 5 1/2 quarts per day so after freezing several ziplock bags of milk (I make ziplock milk "bricks" & stack them in the freezer) I've been making Cajeta about once every 2 weeks (double batches) to use up extra milk. I love it drizzled on butternut squash!

    Here's my blog post about it (with pics):

    And I'm LOVING the night time milking gear!!! Too cute! I had one I used last kidding season for those 2am kiddings..... super, duper handy....until my kiddos stole it & it vanished into the great unknown....

  3. Thanks Joanna, I'll let you know how it goes. Crystal, I can't believe I am just now discovering cajeta! I'm looking forward to it on all the apples I am going to go pick! I'll have to check out your blog post about it too! :)

  4. Oh you will love it! We put it on yogurt, ice cream, pies, brownies....the kids dip fruit & pretzels in it..

    It's more creamy, & slightly less sweet than caramel so it's pretty versatile.

    Sometimes I stop cooking it a lil early so it's a bit thinner & easy to drizzle on various dishes :)


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