Saturday, September 3, 2011

Painting Kick

It's my little man's birthday weekend. I can't belive he's already two, sigh, they grow up so fast. :(  We won't actually celebrate his birth until next weekend when my mom can make it down here, which is fine because he doesn't know the difference. I sang him 'Happy Birthday' this morning when he woke up and he kept putting his hand up and saying 'stop'. I take it that means he didn't like my singing? Anyway, my oldest son had a football game this morning and my daughter cheers for his team, so that's where we headed off to on his birthday!

Micah is one of the coaches too!

Yes, we're all about football in this family. All about football.

Anywho, this past week while my two oldest were at school *insert sad face here* me and my birthday boy got quite a bit accomplished. He's still a really good napper, taking two hours on most days. Yay! So during nap time, I can usually check on all the animals, fold laundry, prepare for dinner, and get some projects done. This week I've been painting. I probably should be working on making us all hats and scarfs since winter is just around the corner, but painting this week it was.

I hit up the thrift store for some things that I could re-paint. Now ya'll know how I feel about old things. I love anything worn and old that has character. I also love sunflowers, roosters and americana decor, so if I can find anything that will work in my house, I'll leave it alone, but sometimes I don't find anything I like. That's okay though because you can always give them a face-lift.

I found these old plaques/ signs for between 25 cents and a dollar. They were perfect! I sanded them all lightly. I was only able to finish one (the little one in the top right). I hope I can finish up the other three this week and then maybe I'll start working on those hats. Maybe.

I also had this paddle that I picked up last year at an antique store for $2. It's been hanging in my dining room and I love it, but I always felt it needed something else.

So of course, sunflowers all around!

I still have many more projects to go on the ole to-do list, but this was a good start. Hope ya'll had a great Saturday too. :)

~ Sarah ~

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