Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thankful Tuesday (Goat Edition)

Yes, this post was written entirely with my goats in mind.

I am so thankful for them, I can't stand it.

There are the downsides to owning the goats, as with everything; we are completely and utterly tied down. The goats, and all the other animals need daily caring for, so going on vacations really is out of the question these days. That being said, I think everything the goats provide make up for the fact that I may never see Hawaii again (I don't really feel that way, but if I keep telling myself that, maybe I eventually will?).

I am thankful because they are lawn mowers, brush clear-ers, and weed pullers all in one. Micah let Flynn out the other day and he ate away at all the weeds in my herb garden. Okay, yes he sampled some mint and parsley, but it was just a little bit, and I mean, he did eat all the weeds I neglectfully let grow.

I am thankful because I will never, ever have to buy bar soap again. Goat's milk soap is the greatest thing. Ever. We use it for everything, I even use a bar of it as my shampoo now.

(I'm thankful for this cute soap mold too.)

I am thankful because the goat's milk supplements our daily cow milk consumption. Our family could easily go through a gallon a day, and while I still can't seem to avoid that burnt milk taste after pasteurizing the goat milk, I do add  it to a half empty gallon of cow milk every so often and dissolved in the cow milk, you can't taste any burnt milk flavor.

I'm thankful for feta cheese. Enough said.

I'm thankful that all the goats we own are so tame and sweet, the kids can handle them, we've had several classes come and see them as a field trip, and I genuinely love them, and they really are like dogs. We let them out of their pasture all the time if we're outside doing yard work and they just follow us around. They've never tried to run off, we've never been kicked by them, or butted by them. Okay, I've had my toes stepped on numerous times, but in all fairness, it was own fault, somehow I think cute sandals with yellow or pink flowers is appropriate attire for farm chores.

It's not.

Oh and I couldn't be more thankful for cajeta. I just recently discovered it from this post, I know, how can I claim Mexican heritage and not have heard of this divine goodness before? I also have never made tamales, so Mom, if you're reading this, I have a bone to pick with you.

Just kidding, I love you. No, but really, why didn't you ever made tamales with me!?

N-ee-way, I made cajeta today. Oh. My. It really is divine. A fellow blogger led me to this post where she wrote about her experience with the stuff (thanks Crystal!) and I'm pretty sure I'm hooked for life. It's like heaven in a jar, is there such a thing? I don't know, but it's love-ly.

It was super easy to make too, it was done during nap time (the only time anything gets done around here, if it can't be done between 12:30 and 2:30, then it can't be done.)

I'm thankful because now with cajeta and soap in hand, I have Christmas gifts pretty much taken care of. (If you're on our Christmas gift list and you're reading this, act surprised come December. Thanks.)

So thank you goats for all you have given this little family. I am very thankful on this Tuesday for you.

The kids are in bed, the floor had been mopped, the lunches have been packed, the animals are up for the night, I think I can sneak a small jar of cajeta with some apple slices and sit in front of the boob tube. Ahhh, the good life. Night all!


  1. I love that soap mold! It is so cute!

  2. Alot to be thankful for... cute post. I've only had my dairy girls 3 weeks now & already feel very blessed to have them & the milk they are giving us. I've played around & made farmer cheese, one day I will try to make soap. I love your soap mold too :)


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