Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

I'm always thankful for sweet little babies, but I'm particularly thankful today for my oldest son. He is such a blessing. This morning we were running late for school (yah, there's a surprise), so while I was making breakfast (throwing pop tarts and orange slices on a plate) he got my 2 year old out of his pajamas and picked out an outfit for him.... that actually matched!

It was a huge help, and I am so thankful for the gentleman he is turning out to be.

Check out these old wooden spools!

I'm thankful for my great aunt who recently went through and re-did her decor, and guess who got a big box in the mail of all the old stuff she didn't want anymore? I did, I did!

I love this old miniature spinning wheel, it fits in perfect with my decor.

And of course, she knows how I feel about chickens. :)

And I'm really, really thankful that none of this fell/ broke a few weeks ago when we had that 5.9 earthquake.

I'm thankful Micah discovered we had morning glories peeping through in what we thought was a big mess of weeds. Now every morning when I go to tend to the animals, I make a stop here. To admire this sweet little surprise.

(And I couldn't have a thankful post without paying homage to my dear friend... chocolate. It will carry me through the stresses of these next two semesters. I hope).

What are you thankful for today?

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