Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yellow Furniture And Tough Decisions

I'll start with the tough decisions part. We are relatively new to farming, and though we've learned A LOT this past year, we still have so much to learn. We are also still figuring out what animals fit our needs the best.

Originally I was gung ho about spinning and fiber animals and I still love all things crochet and hand spun fiber, but I am realizing that it is just not cost effective to own large fiber animals.

The alpacas.

They graze primarily but we still have to supplement their food source with feed (which costs money) and there is maintenance on them. They need their teeth cared for, their hooves trimmed, and their fiber sheared. The point is, there was more work and money involved in owning them than makes sense for as much spinning/ crocheting as I have time to do. I'm still keeping my spinning wheel, and I still have their fleece from last year and a ton of Angora, so I have lots of spinning projects in my future. The chickens makes sense to keep. We get daily eggs from them, and we're soon to have a freezer full of meat and there is little maintenance. The pigs make sense. The goats make sense, as evidence in my last post. The ducks make sense. The guineas make sense. The rabbits make sense. The cows we soon hope to invest in will make sense.

So instead of spreading ourselves too thin and owning lots of different animals, we want to narrow our focus with a few animals that will work best for what we are trying to achieve here: self sufficiency. We have chosen to sell our two sweet alpacas and increase our goat herd. It was a tough decision, but I know it was the best decision for them and for us. They have gone to a good home, and we will miss them, but in the end, I know it was the right thing to do.

Now the next steps are to fence in the six acres next to our home for a few Black Angus and search for more Mini Alpines.

Okay, enough depressing news. I was able to cheer myself up today after the sale of Titus and Zacheus with, none other than, paint!

I am still working on my dining room as seen in this post, and this one, and this one. I love sunflowers and roosters (as if you didn't know) and I am running with the sunflower/ yellow theme in the dining room even further.

All the furniture in my dining room is a dark wood. I've had these crates for a few years now, and when we moved here to our farm they found themselves in the dining room as picture storage. But they didn't match the wood color of the furniture pieces.

So they got a nice coat of sunny yellow paint. (Don't mind Aisling in the background). I roughly painted the yellow on then sanded it off in places to give it a worn, antique look.

Notice where the dog chewed on the corner of the chair? Bad dog.

This chair was one of the first 'antique' pieces I bought after Micah and I got married. It has literally been moved all over our homes, and been every shade of color. I love this chair, and so it got a coat of yellow to match the crates too.

I painted a basket I use for decorative purposes. And I'm on the hunt for an old chair to keep off to the side for extra seating when we have compnay. When I find it, that piece will get a coat of yellow too.

I love the look of the yellow and dark wood combined and I'm digging the extra pop of color.

Well, that's all for now folks!


  1. I love the yellow! It's beautiful! We're thinking of pairing down a little too. Buying feed costs so much...we wish everything could be totally grass fed!


  2. Love you Re-do with the crates clever decorating
    idea as well.. Yellow is a soft warm color
    adorable little chair..
    Yes down-size and and have no animals however
    we do miss our cattle-dog who pass aways several
    years ago. Fed is costing more all the time
    I do'nt how these people around us feed all those
    Have enjoyable weekend...


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