Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Painted Pumpkin

I can't help it. I paint everything. My huth-band is afraid to bring anything home in fear that I might paint it.

And I might.

I had a styrofoam pumpkin that had gotten a little beat up over the years (with moving and kids) and I thought I should paint it! And then I saw this post, and she confirmed that I wasn't crazy for wanting to paint the damaged item.

And so here you go. This is my fall display on my dining room table with my newly painted pumpkin.

It was a little tricky painting this particular surface, and it didn't turn out quite as detailed as I would have liked, but one can never go wrong with sunflowers.


Hope you're having a great Wednesday! We're stuck inside due to torrential downpours, but luckily I was still able to host a playgroup this morning, thanks girls!

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~ Sarah ~

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  1. This is beautiful! I wish I could paint like this. I always have such an admiration for people who can paint because I most certainly cannot!


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