Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

I am incredibly thankful today. I had a great weekend with my family, it's fall, the weather is cooling down, and my children are all healthy (with all these back to school germs going around and all). I could go on for awhile, but I'll keep it short tonight.

I'm thankful for neighbors who stop by and bring us corn from their garden, meat from their pigs, homemade jelly, and greens for me to freeze. Seriously, could we have moved to a better place?

I'm thankful for this life we are giving our children. I never had any farm experience growing up and I just think this is the coolest. Absolute coolest. Okay so maybe, we've taken it a bit far and terrified my daughter. Last night I made fried chicken for dinner and when I pulled it out of the oven she went into hysterics screaming that she didn't want to eat the bunnies.

Uh, erm, uhm. Okay, so she doesn't want to eat the rabbits.

That's completely understandable. Make mental note: don't feed rabbit to my daughter. Got it.

Moving on.

I'm thankful I found this sweet new doe off Craigslist for practically nothing. She's six months old, and her owners needed to pair down their herd. She's a mini-alpine just like our sweet Aisling and I feel like I won the lottery with her. Continuing with the Irish-theme for names, we are calling her Fallon.

I'm thankful that my sweet little man and I snuck off to a local apple orchard yesterday and picked up two bushels. I've been making apple butter today like a crazy lady, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my kid(s) and make food to feed my family. I cubed apples for an easy side dish today as well, and I sliced apples in preparation for pies, and tomorrow I'll be making apple doughnuts. Yay! The piggies are happy to as they are getting all the apple peels and cores. It's a win win situation all around.

I'm thankful for this simple little life I've been blessed with and all the friends and family who I get to share it with.

And I'll end with that, until next time....

~ Sarah ~


  1. Oh I'm jealous of all your apples!! Don't have that sort of access to them here :(

    Congrats on your new goat! She's beautiful!! Sundgau (pronounced sundgow) is my all time favorite Alpine color.......We had one of the mini alpine does bred to a Sundgau buck & am hoping for Sundgau kids :) Awesome that you got such a deal too!! Goat prices have dropped here too.....lots of folks thinning their herds so I picked up two new does, both registered for less than I would have paid for one! Of course I blogged about them :)

    And I'm sorry for the bunny freak out......lol Poor kid! We use to raise meat bunnies & I had served it 3 times before I finally fessed up to the kids what it was :) lol

  2. Oh wow, so great you were able to add to your herd too! Yes theapples are great, I miss all the citrus growing up in SoCal, but having plenty of orchards makes up for it. Oh, and I found this blog and I think you might like it too.


  3. She looks like a very pretty girl. I hope your daughter recovers from the rabbit scare.


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