Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Latest

I apologize I've been such a blogging slacker lately. I've been busy knitting and crocheting Christmas gifts and trying to stay on top of graduate school. That being said, here's what else has been happening in the days since my last post.

My little man likes to pull the hat over his face. Har dee har har.

I finished hats for my kids, they are early Christmas gifts as the weather has been VERY cold lately (for this time of year) and I thought they could use them now. They were all color coordinated to match their winter coats. Not too shabby right? This was my first time ever making hats, I still have a lot to learn, but I think they turned out cute for this novice. I'm also going to attmept crocheted headbands for my daughter and a scallop and lace scarf for myself. I found this great turquoise tweed yarn the other day. I'll just add it to the project list...

I mentioned the other day my neighbor shot a buck and shared a rump roast with us, well let me tell you, that was one of the BEST  dinners I have ever had. I thoroughly cleaned the meat, then soaked it overnight in 2 cans of beer. We had company a few weeks ago and they brought beer and left quite a bit behind and we don't drink it so I've been trying to find recipes to use it up. I think I'll try beer bread next, but I digress.... anyway, the next morning I pulled the meat out of the beer and then threw it in a crockpot. I covered it with BBQ sauce and left it alone. I knew I needed to leave the venison in for about 12 twelve hours so with two hours to go I took two forks and shredded the meat then put a packet of McCormick's pulled pork seasoning in and mixed it all together and added a bit more BBQ. It cooked for another 2 hours and I served it with mashed potatoes and a fresh salad. It was divine.  We had leftovers from that roast for a week on sandwiches, cold, heated up with vegetables, it was just so good.  Thanks to our neighbor for sharing!

We went over to our dear friends and processed our broilers and some of their older layers today. So now we have a freezer FULL of chickens to get us through the winter. Thanks so much Donahue family for helping us out today and providing lots of laughs! Fun fact about harvesting laying hens, when eviscerating them entire yolks come out, crazy right?! Obviously we all knew they produced eggs, we just weren't expecting that. I may have screamed and ran away at the sight.

They lets us keep four leghorn hens as opposed to processing them too (we were all really tired at that point and didn't want to do anymore). I had been looking for white egg layers, just to add variety to our egg color scheme and my daughter has decided that they will all be called Snow White. :)

We're about to fill our freezer with more meat too. We've decided to harvest our male goat. We bought him over the summer to service our females so I could milk them and we don't really need him now and we'd like to cut back on our feed and hay through the winter so in the freezer he'll go! Kind of a harsh reality, but we are not keeping these animals as pets, they are livestock. The horse is really the only pet we have, the dogs even serve a purpose here (besides destoying the mudroom floor). Anyway, I've never had goat before so I welcome any recipes you have to share. We'll just have to tell the kids it's 'chicken' again. Shhhh......

It was nice to come home to a warm, cozy house. We all took baths and showers (I pulled chicken guts out of my hair, uhm, gross) and settled in with a Christmas movie and homemade hot chocolate. Once you try this, you'll never be able to go back to instant hot chocolate. My wonderful Grandmother passed this recipe on down to me. Here it is, enjoy!

Homemade Hot Chocolate

dash of salt
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3/4 cup white sugar
1/2 cup water
3 1/2 cups milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
Whipped cream

Bring the cocoa powder, salt, sugar and water to a slow boil. Add the milk and be careful not to burn. Remove from the heat and add the vanilla. Garnish with whipped cream and cinnamon.


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