Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday in Pictures

We've had a really productive and exciting Monday.

We let the piggies out to roam the front pasture today. They have completely destroyed their pig pen, so we thought they'd enjoy some fresh grass and weeds to eat from. I'd like to point out that there is no fence up yet in the front pasture. But the pigs aren't stupid, they're not going to run away, they know who gives them their feed. :)

They also got their fill on acorns. Our front yard is covered with them. When it was time to go back in their pen (so Micah could go hunting with our oldest son) they followed Micah while my son followed behind poking them if they got off track. No feed required. They're like little doggies!

The goats are always out of the fence too. We've been trying to let the fenced in pasture rest and also give the goats access to taller grass.

Look, I noticed a rose in bloom. I know nothing about roses, isn't it a little late to be blooming? It's beautiful nonetheless.

I found a few carrots that I had overlooked and hadn't dug up in the garden, and there were a few broccoli heads that were ready to be picked. This family LOVES to eat fresh broccoli so it will be gone in no time. Did I mention how much I love growing our own food? Why didn't we start this years ago?

Remember the neighbor that brought us the squirrels and then I made squirrel stew? Well, he shot several rabbits over the weekend and shared one with us. I was literally cutting it up today (after soaking it in salt water overnight to help with the game-y taste) when his brother pulled up with a buck in the back of his truck. I tell you, I have THE BEST neighbors in the world. He shared a rump roast with us, thanks John! I haven't decided how I'll cook that yet for dinner tomorrow, but I'm sure it's going to be good.

The best part of today? We bought this little guy and brought him home. Thanks to our sweet friends Evelyn and Massie for picking him up for us since they have a horse trailer.

He was born in May of this year on Friday the 13th so his previous owners named him Lucky. But because I have the Irish-themed-name going for all of our hoofed animals, he will be known to us as Lucky Irish. He's just the sweetest boy. He was no trouble loading or unloading and he's been hanging out in the barn thus far. I'll keep him in a stall for a few days until he gets to use to me and associates me with food. I think he'll get along just fine with the goats.

I think for the size and age of our kids, a miniature horse is a good start. Hopefully Micah will allow us to graduate to a pony and then a horse as the kids get older, but for now, I am thrilled to add Lucky to our little family.

What a good looking boy he is! Welcome home Lucky Irish. :)

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  1. Lucky is so-o-o cute! Are you sure you even needed a horse trailer to get him there? Could have stuffed him in the back seat of the car. LOL! (Beatiful rose so late in the season)


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