Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Well Thanksgiving is only two days away, yikes! Luckily my sister in law is hosting so I don't have the burden of preparing my house (I only have two sides and a dessert to bring). Good luck Terah and thanks for being forced into it offering to host. :)

I'm so thankful that I've had two successful days in a row of working on the lead rope with Lucky Irish. He's at the point now where I can go right in and put the lead on him and walk him out to the field, he doesn't pull, or jerk, or kick, or try and run away. I may try and see if he'll take something on his back, we don't have a saddle yet, but I'm sure we can figure something out. (And by we I mean Micah, love you dear. :) )

I'm thankful for our freezer full of chickens. We had one for dinner last night and it was. so. darn. good. I made chicken stock with the bones and a few not so great carrots from the garden too. I love producing some of our food and I think it tastes so much better knowing the work that was put forth into raising it. (I'm just going to keep telling myself that).

I'm thankful my daughter ate it knowing it was one of our own animals. Still not sure how she'll do with the rabbits, I mean 'chickens'.

I'm thankful for stretch leggings this holiday season. I think I was thankful for that last year too. Don't judge me.

I'm thankful for Adele, seriously, could she have a more amazing voice?

I'm thankful for the rainy day spent with my mom and step-dad. We made cookies, crocheted, and just hung out. Awe-some.

I'm thankful the good Lord has entrusted me to care for our three children.

I'm thankful for double stuffed oreo cookies.

And then I'm really, really thankful for those stretch leggings.

I'm thankful that everyone else is asleep and I have the remote all to myself, now what to watch?!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~ Sarah ~

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  1. I love reading these... they always make me laugh! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe on the roads! See you next week at our 'weekly mommy meet!' I guess Ill be hosting!


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