Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

On the eve of my son's 7th birthday, yes SEVENTH birthday, I am thankful for a lot of things. I was 21 when I found out I was expecting him and I had exactly NO experience with babies so I was kind of, sort of terrified of bringing home a newborn. But Micah and I managed and here we are 7 years later!

So here goes...

4th birthday! And please take note of Micah's shirt. :)

....I'm thankful he is my firstborn. I read somewhere that the firstborn sets the tone for the rest of the siblings in the house and, if this theory is in fact true, I am a lucky mama. My boy is so well mannered, kind, sweet, and sensitive. He's polite and thoughtful. He will sit down and color with his sister but he's also a rough and tumble country boy who loves football, getting dirty, and hunting with his daddy.

First day of pre-school

I'm thankful he's so good to his siblings, he helps them with their shoes or coats, he does so much without even being asked. I know I can't take credit for his behavior, no that would be the doing of the good Lord. He blessed with a wonderful little man.

5th birthday

I hate that he's getting older, but I'm thankful for it and the same time.

Our chicken farmer from the get go.

I'm thankful that all he wanted for his birthday was a bigger bike helmet. (We ended up getting him a few more things, and took him bowling last weekend, but it was wonderful that he wasn't expecting or asking for much).

I'm thankful that the cupcakes I just frosted for his class tomorrow will be appreciated by him. They were suppose to be footballs, but I couldn't find my cake decorating tips, so they kind of look like... well... poop. That's okay because first graders don't care right? Right.

First day of first grade

I'm thankful for the 60 degree weather we had today so the kids could run and jump and play outside while I frosted the poop cupcakes.

I'm thankful  that occasionally (like tonight) the hubby doesn't make it home for dinner and the kids and I can eat chicken strips and carrots sticks and call it 'dinner'. Hey I love Micah but sometimes I like a break from my domestic slave labor cooking a big meal and the clean up afterwards.

I'm thankful for all that we have been blessed with.

I'm thankful that the NyQuil is kicking in and I don't feel so congested and I might get a decent nights rest tonight.

Well until we chat again.... :)

~ Sarah ~

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