Monday, February 27, 2012

The Best Early Morning Phone Call

There aren't too many times where I would say that I was actually happy about an early morning phone call. But today, however, I jumped at the phone when it started ringing before 7. I had just gotten out of the shower and I knew exactly who it was.

It was the post office telling me our chicks arrived!!!!

We got the kiddies off to school and stopped and picked up our new birds.

The trouble is...uhm... I can't tell them apart.

You see we ordered 16 broilers (for eating) who are pale yellow as chicks. We also ordered a few White Rocks (for laying purposes) who are also pale yellow.

Uhmm, no bueno.

 I hope it's very apparent as they grow who the broilers are. They're all males, so in theory they should be substantially larger, but only time will tell!

In the meantime, I am enjoying these little guys. There's nothing better that 2 day old chicks and their little peeping noises. :)

Fallon says good night y'all!

~ Sarah ~


  1. New chicks are the sweetest little things...

  2. My phone call should come early this Friday morning! Looking forward to it! Your chicks are adorable. :)

  3. I'm guessing you ordered a Cornish Cross broiler? It's a cute sight though. 27 layers and 2 roosters just arrived at our little "farm" yesterday. Once they move to the outdoors we'll probably place an order for 25 freedom ranger chicks for meat.


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