Sunday, February 19, 2012

Homemade Baby Wipes (And Snow Day Fun)

So.... I totally ran out of baby wipes this morning before church. And I was not about to be one of those 'crazies' heading to the store before the big snow. Yes, we here in central Virginia rush to the store to buy milk and eggs before any kind of snowy weather. Anyway, I figured I could just make my own at home and save a trip to the store.

And it turns out they're really easy to make! Why haven't I been making them myself all these years? It's just cut up paper towels (I cut mine into thirds because that's how they would fit into my container) with liquid added to it. Boil some water, then let it cool and add a few drops of baby oil and baby shampoo to the cooled water. Pour your liquid over your wipes. Let the towels absorb all the liquid and voila! Homemade baby wipes.

Okay, now onto the fun. We finally got snow! I was beginning to think it would completely miss us this year, but it's here. And we had a blast playing all afternoon in it. It's still coming down pretty hard so who knows how much we'll wake up to. :)

Don't eat the yellow snow!

Lucky's not so sure about this snow stuff

White snow sure makes our beige house look dirty.
Can we say power wash please?

'I'm freezing, take the picture quick!'

This is my 2 year old. His face was freezing. :)

Hay makes a good cover for a snowball fight

Everyone tackle Daddy

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. :)

~ Sarah ~

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