Sunday, February 26, 2012

Homemade Fabric Softener (And A Good Weekend)

What a good, BUSY weekend we had. My son had his last basketball game yesterday. And I'm totally bummed. I loved watching him play and I can see such an improvement in him AND all his teammates. Micah coached them and he is already looking forward to coaching the next basketball season. We also had the award ceremony for the season this weekend to and that was a good time as well.

I had to head into Charlottesville after my son's game yesterday to complete an exam and I figured we would make a family day of it. So we hopped in the car and went to the big ole city (a good hour and fifteen minutes away). Once we got there my five year old asks me,' is this in Virginia, is this what a city is?'

Uhmm, apparently we need to get the kids out more.:)

I was able to pick up some more essential oil for my soap making and we took the kids to the play area at the mall (it was too windy and cold for the park). We all had fun in the city, but I sure was happy to head back home to our simple country life.

Hamlet at 8 weeks

As we pulled up in the drive my son informed us that a pig was out. A pig? Really? No, I thought, it must be one of the dogs. Because they both walk on four legs, and they're big, and they're black. They look alike from a distance right?


Except for the whole one is fat and stout and low to the ground, and one is big and lean and mean. One has a long head with a long snout, while the other has a round head with a snort snout. Oh and the whole curly tail thing, but other than that they look exactly alike.


Okay, my son was right, it was a pig. I'm not going to name names, but someone who lives in this house who is 6'1 and has short dark hair forgot to close up the pen when we moved them the other day. All is well though, Hamlet knows who feeds him, he just hung around the house waiting for us to get home. He's safe and up in his pen again.

Today was a great day too, we came home from church and got all our seeds that will transplant started inside. My daughter was such a good little helper too! This year I started a few herbs inside. I left a few out over winter, rosemary and mint, and they survived, but the lavender, parsley and thyme didn't make it. :(  I'll be sure to bring those in come next fall. I also started some perennial flowers indoors as well. The chickens turned my flower garden around the house into their dirt bath station and none of the seeds I planted survived. I think I'm going to have to lay pea gravel around the house to deter the chickens from 'bathing' there and hopefully I can have a flower garden again. I love having the chickens, but sometimes they can be very destructive!

I also read that white vinegar is a great natural fabric softener. And oh my gosh, this post is so all over the place, I'm sorry. I may have a little problem with ADD.

And OCD.

And online shopping.

Anyway, I havn't been using the store bought kind for quite some time after I read up on all the harsh chemicals that are added. I still continue to make my own laundry soap but I'm really pleased now that I found how to soften clothes without all the chemicals. I grabbed an old liquid soap bottle and filled it almost to the top with white vinegar and then topped it off with a few drops of essential oil. I used peppermint this time because peppermint is a natural odor remover, but next time I think I'll use lavendar. I did my first wash of clothes with the 'fabric softener' and was very pleased. I also made dryer balls but that how-to will have to be for another day. I'm ready to hit the hay.

Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend too!

~ Sarah ~

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