Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh How I Love Thee Chickens...

I think the last time I blogged about our chickens I was complaining that they weren't laying, and I *gasp* had to buy eggs from the store. There was mention of those not producing being processed and thrown in the freezer. Some of them still carry that fate, but most of them have picked back again.

It must have something to do with this crazy, sunny, mild winter we've been having. It was nearly 70 degrees today!

We spent most of the day outside enjoying the warmth, and the animals were basking in the sun as well. The leghorns have decided that the pulled-up garden beds make a perfect place for a mud bath.

The days are getting longer too which is also aiding with the increase in egg production. This is what we've gotten so far this week. And you can see our Ameraucana is laying again too (the green/blue eggs).

She's the black one on the left and she is by far our best layer. And her eggs are just so cool looking. :)

I still need to put in my order for our spring chicks and another batch of broilers. We still have plenty in the freezer but I want to order them all at the same time to consolidate on the shipping costs and since we need to process some of our older layers (see, some of them still have the freezer fate), we'll need to replace those hens anyhow.

And it's kind of sad that I get completely giddy and excited while adding $2 chicks to my cart. You'd think I was shopping for Manolo Blahnik's of something.

I'm not just for the record. No, no, my shoe attire these days consists of muck bucks and cowboy boots.

And completely unrelated to eggs or chickens (or shoes), I finished my daughter's hat last night. I added too many increases for her head (she was asleep so I was just guessing on her size) and when I tried it on her this morning I realized I needed to go back and tighten up the bottom a bit by decreasing my stitches. It turned out to be more of a beret than a beanie because of my lack of measurement but I think it's actually cute. Almost like I planned it that way. :)

~ Sarah ~


  1. Her hat is cute! I love my chickens too and mine have started picking back up again. We are having warm temps here also and I guess that is making the difference. I love to get the chicken catalogs and pour over them.

  2. Yes, I was very concerned about the eggs situation. We got zero eggs for about a month, I was going crazy!!

  3. Absolutely love your blog. It makes one feel almost a part of the family. thank you so much for sharing this with the rest of us. God's Blessings on you and your family and farm.


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