Saturday, February 11, 2012

Soy Candles

It was my mom's birthday a few days ago and we just got home from having dinner with her and my step-dad. I'm pooped but I wanted to share with you what I made for her big day. This week has been so out of sorts with being down in North Carolina visiting my in-laws that I completely forgot to get a card in the mail for her (oops!) so I kind of felt like I needed to make her something to make up for the fact that I neglected to send her a card.

I looked in my craft cabinet to see what I could conjure up...

....And hand poured soy candles it is! If you are anything like me, you can never have enough candles. And they make really fun gifts for family and friends.

I found these soy chips at a craft store awhile back for a really good price so I scooped them up. If you want to make candles yourself, you will also need to purchase the wicks. Candles dyes and scents can be added but are not necessary. I did not dye this batch of candles but I did scent them with vanilla.

Ermm, pay no attention to the glue dripping on the counter. :)

I cleaned out an old mason jar, hot glued my wicks down into the bottom to keep them in place, and melted my chips in a pot on the stove. It's that simple!

You'll need to secure the wicks in the center of the candle somehow. They make special tools, but I like using utensils since they are something everyone has on hand.

I found these candle melts at the store for 59 cents! They are designed to melt in a special candle melter BUT I figure they would be great to top off the candles. They'll melt down and add color and scent to my un-dyed vanilla candles.

I tied some raffia around the top and voila! A simple, cute, inexpensive gift.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you. :)

~ Sarah ~

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