Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Is Just Around The Corner (I Hope)

Well.... another child came down with that awful tummy bug last night. I guess all my lysol-ing, laundering, and cleaning efforts didn't pay off the other day. This time it was my 2 year old and it was awful. He's kept some crackers down this evening and even some liquids. I also found myself feeling very queasy today. None of the kids wanted dinner so we are literally all laying down in the living room watching movies, eating saltines and pounding ginger ale. I have a feeling it's going to be another very long night. Oiy. I hope this it because I think I've filled my puke quota for the year.

Any-who, with all the germs and sickness going around I am definitely ready for spring to be here. I had the windows open today (even though it was only 40 degrees) in an attempt to kill any lingering germs. I also had some time today to go through our seeds. Last year's garden and planting was kind of spontaneous and not planned out at all. I was pleased with our yield but I am determined to plan very well this year, keep records, and attempt to up our production by twice as much (if not more). I was able to freeze lots of vegetables, and can quite a bit more, but I know I can do better this year. A lot better.

My biggest challenge is space, not outdoor, but indoor. I don't have a basement to start seeds, nor do I have much cabinet space to keep canned items. Eventually we'll add on to our little farmhouse but that won't be anytime soon, so far now, my dining room table will be the stage for our seedlings and I'll have to get creative with where I store our harvests. I'd love a root cellar but I don't think I'll be able to talk Micah into making one for me. (Ermm, hint hint dear.)

Anyway I have this magazine with a handy dandy chart as to when to start seeds indoor (if they transplant well) and when to transplant. Some plants, according to Natural Home and Garden, are better started in the ground such as beans, beets, carrots, and corn. I need to start my celery, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes next week. The Farmer's Almanac suggests starting them indoors as early as February 21st given our expected last frost date to be mid April. It's been such a  mild winter though I'd wonder if they could go in the ground sooner and possibly just get covered if there is a chance of a frost? Not sure though.

But I'm ecstatic about our garden this year. Micah is going to build us 8 more raised beds (all with wood we have here on our land) and we're going to place them right over our current pig pen. The ground will be nice and tilled up and fertilized.

Our spring chicks are due to arrive in two weeks and our current laying hens are all laying every day. One of our leghorns started laying white eggs too now so we have a really great variety in egg color.

Not to mention our two mini-alpines will kid soon as well. Ahhhh spring is in the air folks. Okay technically, germs are in the air at our house, but you get my point. :)

~ Sarah ~

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