Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

It's been a rough week for our family.

Well rough doesn't exactly do it justice, but I'm trying to be thankful anyhow.

We found out last week that my father-in-law has cancer that has spread into his lymph nodes and there is no treatment for him.

We are down here now with Micah's parents and two of Micah's brothers and their families also came down to visit. The fourth brother had strep going around his house and we all decided they should come visit another time so as to not bring any illness around Micah's dad.

It's been emotional week but I am so thankful for this amazing few days we've had as a family. My kids have been soaking up as much of their grandpa as they can and I am so thankful for that.

I'm thankful for my father-in-law who raised (along with his wife) four wonderful young men and one of them happens to be my sweet Micah.

I'm thankful for this wonderful family that I married into (even though they all beat me at Hearts tonight). :)

I'm thankful for my sweet neighbor who is caring for our farm while we are away (thanks Casey!)

I'm thankful for wild and crazy kids who play in the 40 degree water and have a ball even in the middle of winter.

I'm thankful for this sweet little man.

Pardon the work area, my FIL is still building their house

And these sweet faces.

And I'm thankful that even in times such as these I take comfort in the fact that I serve a God who is bigger than everything.

Even cancer.


  1. So sorry for the bad news with FIL .. Thoughts
    and prayers for you and Family during this
    difficult time...
    Warm Blessings

  2. Remembering the poem
    What Cancer Cannot Do
    author unknown
    Cancer is so limited...
    It cannot cripple love.
    It cannot shatter hope.
    It cannot corrode faith.
    It cannot eat away peace.
    It cannot destroy confidence.
    It cannot kill friendship.
    It cannot shut out memories.
    It cannot silence courage.
    It cannot reduce eternal life.
    It cannot quench the Spirit.

    Love and prayers of healing sent your way dear friends


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